Boost your immunity against Coronaviruses or any other Virus by natural home remedies

During cold season around 200 viruses gets active to attack you. This is the best time of the year to have 2 cloves of garlic and a tea spoon of turmeric powder with water or milk 15 minutes before your dinner. Also note that sleeping is very important for your body to heal yourself and Wash your hands with soap every now and then. This will boost your immunity by at least 10 folds.


  1. Both turmeric and garlic act as anti-virus and anti-bacteria substances.
  2. Both can cause unnecessary heat to your stomach if taken without food. As as a result it may cause ulcer in your mouth or can upset your stomach.
  3. Garlic has a strong smell or odor and if you won’t have food after taking garlic then your breath will have the odor of garlic which you might not like.
  4. Before dinner because if you sleep after having them then it works like miracle for your immune system.

Don’t have the above if:

You are suffering from excessive bleeding during menstruation or if you are suffering from any type of other bleedings like nose etc…

The reason is that both turmeric and garlic are blood thinners.

Prefer increasing the vitamin K in your diet (like Kale) which helps in thickening the Blood

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