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Frequently Asked Questions (17)

Job opportunity for work from home call center for customer support professionals.

Job Description:

  • Answer incoming customer inquiries
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and teams to stay updated on new products, services, and policies
  • Record and modify customer information within the database
  • Engage with clients in a friendly and professional manner while actively listening to their concerns
  • Offer support and solutions to customers in accordance with the company’s customer service policies.

The details and conditions are:

  1. Should be legally eligible to work in Canada and has to be present in Canada
  2. Should be fluent in English.
  3. Should work for a minimum of 15 hours a week.
  4. Have to attend online classroom training for approx. a month (4 hours each day monday to friday). Training is not paid. The total Training fees starts from $10.00 as it varies from opportunity to opportunity. Reason for training fees is that they want participants to consider training seriously.
  5. $14-$20 per hour when you start taking the inbound customer support calls.
  6. You can choose your own working hours, example: 2 hours in morning, 2 hours in afternoon or 4 hours in evening.
  7. We charge $30.00 per pay check and deposit rest in your account. You will be paid in 2 pay checks a month. At the end of the year we will send T4A slip for you to file your taxes.
  8. Visit the following website to register: https://www.ariseworkfromhomecallcenter.ca

When it is available:

If you bring a referral you will get a reward of $130.00 once your referral works for 60 hours before the last day of this year. To avail the referral reward ask your referral to mention Referral Code as “2352919” while registering. They will find the option of reference in the 4th box in the form while registering. When asked ‘Did someone tell you about the Arise® Platform?’, your referral must enter 2352919 in the space provided where it says “Enter referral code if you have one”.


Terms and Conditions

Register & EnrollCertifyServiceTotal Reward
New registrant creates a profile in 2020 and enrolls in a certification course (this year).Agent passes the certification course, a SOW (Statement of Work) is offered and the agent starts servicing.Agent successfully services the first 60 hours/120 intervals.$130.00

Qualify to earn extra revenue
by participating in the 2020 Referral Program!

The new registrant must enter Referral Code as “2352919” in their profile creation page. Phoenix will not make payment if this step is not completed.

Please note, the referral program is effective as of October 28, 2020, all new registrants who created their profile in 2020, will be eligible for the referral payment if they enroll in a course during the 2020 calendar year!

If the registrant you referred drops, fails, or is cancelled (voluntary or involuntary) from the first certification course selected, your referral will not have met the eligibility requirements. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED.

Referral payments will be made at the completion of the servicing requirement.

Important Links:

Terms & Conditions for Referral Rewards 2020

Referral Rewards FAQ’s

The procedure is as follows:

After registration–>select the opportunity you want to work for–>compatibility check of your system as per system requirements –>then assessment –>then background check –>then course fee payment –>then training, while training complete all the assignments on time–>then start taking calls –>you get paid for the number of hours worked.

Company ID / IB ID: 136745.
When asked “How will you use the platform?” you have to choose “As an agent working for a Service Partner in the network” Then enter IB ID mentioned above. Ignore FEIN as FEIN is for US only.

next step is to validate your email by visiting the link sent to you via an email. If you can’t find the email then from dashboard you can request to resend the link. once you have validated the email then refresh the dashboard and you should be able to see a start now button once you click on that you will be redirected to the dashboard which is currently a blank page.

In order to use our partners platform, the system and equipment policy, detailed on the downloadable PDF, must be met. This PDF details computer, headset, phone, Internet and equipment that is compatible with the our partners platform. Certain client programs may have additional requirements. Prior to selecting a client program, you will have access to the Opportunity Announcement which details any additional requirements above and beyond the ones listed in the PDF. However, we strongly recommend not to spend any money to buy any equipment until you get qualified in the assessment.

It’s not legal when you work as a permanent employee. But is legal when you work on contract or also known as self employed worker. With us you work as self employed individual. Hence, it is very legal. As a federal incorporation it is not possible to do anything illegal without getting screwed. That is the reason why above it is mentioned that we will give you the T4A slip at the end of the year.

As a Call Center Company, we have multiple clients who are best in their respective industries in North America. Our Clients are Reliance Home Comfort, Agero Roadside Assistance, Comcast, TurboTax, QuickBooks, Interval International.

As a Call Center Company we have multiple clients who are best in their respective industries in North America. If the client wants to charge a negligible fee to make sure that the people training from comfort of their home won’t treat the training lightly and won’t quit it in between, then we don’t think there is anything wrong in that thought. Because if trainee’s do that then it’s a huge loss for the companies as they have to go through the whole procedure again.

According to CRA their are 2 kinds of employment: 1. Employee and 2. Self Employed Individual. While working with us you come in the 2nd category that is the reason why we mentioned that you will get T4A slip at the end of the financial year for you to file the taxes and expenses.

If you read above it is mentioned that you will receive T4A slip. that mean you will not get T4 Slip which an Employee gets. That means all the benefits and deductions won’t be there as it is for the Employees. T4A slip is given to people who work under contract as self employed individuals.

The timing is from 9 AM to 8 PM or 6 AM to 12 midnight. It depends on the opportunity you choose.

Every Call Center or BPO has to make profits to run the company. 95% Call centers pay the agent $15/hour if the client pays for them as $18/hour. So those per hour 3 dollars difference is the operating cost and profit for the call center. However, we and few other small call centers believe that an Agent should get what they rightly deserve. Therefore, we deduct a minimal service fee per pay check as $30.00.

It’s total training fee. Either it is going to to be $10 or $30 or $50 or $70 or $100. it depends on the opportunity you choose as it varies from opportunity to opportunity.

Every opportunity is different therefor every opportunity has different training. As the purpose of the training is to make you a subject matter expert so that you can answer the questions of the customers.

Training is conducted live by a trainer and it is generally of 4 hours duration. Some opportunities give the option for you to choose from morning or evening that is either 9 AM to 1 PM or 6 PM to 10 PM.
The training generally goes on for 3 weeks and is conducted from Monday to Friday. From the day the training finishes you can schedule your work hours from the next day onward.

to work with us you should be physically present in Canada and should be legally eligible to work in Canada. As legally we are not eligible to recruit any foreigner.

If you were an employee then the answer was yes. However, you will not be an employee instead you will be on contract or also called as self employed worker. Hence there won’t be any benefits. That’s why it was mentioned before that you will get a T4A slip at the end of the year. For you to file you taxes and claim back the expenses.

There are 2 ways for us to see the issue you going through. Either you show the screenshot step by step or else lets do the remote desktop. In the case of remote desktop everything can be sorted out in just few minutes. Visit Anydesk.com and download the remote desktop and after opening it share the id number on the top left with us. OR ELSE if you want to use Chrome Remote Desktop then visit remotedesktop.google.com/support and then download the chrome extension and then generate the code and share with us. For the step by step guidance to use Chrome Remote desktop visit https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/1649523?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en
then scroll down to “Share your computer with someone else”.

P.S.: The meaning of remote desktop is that we can see your computer screen with your permission and once we have quickly finished helping you then you can disconnect the remote desktop.

To chat with the Arise Enrollment team:

click on the blue chat box ==> type “Help” ==> choose the enrollment team ==> other ==> then ask your question

The total training fee varies from $10 or $30 or $50 or $100. It depends on opportunity to opportunity and which opportunity do you choose to work for.

As a Call Center Company we have multiple clients who are best in their respective industries in North America. therefore every Client job profile is called as Opportunity. We have multiple Opportunities and the remuneration varies from $14.00 to $22.00 an hour. Therefore, it depends on you that which Opportunity do you choose to work with.