Referral Reward FAQ’s

If you bring a referral you will get a reward of $130.00 once your referral works for 60 hours before the last day of this year. To avail the referral reward ask your referral to mention Referral Code as "2352919" while registering. They will find the option of reference in the 4th box in the form while registering. When asked ‘Did someone tell you about the Arise® Platform?’, your referral must enter 2352919 in the space provided where it says "Enter referral code if you have one".
By direct deposit to your bank account on record.
Yes. Only Registered CSP are eligible to avail the Referral Reward. It is not necessary that you should be working for a client at the moment when you are referring.
No, you and your referral must reside in the same country.
Enrollment starts with registering to attend the certification course for a particular client program. The enrollment process can also include completing assessments, background checks and/or drug tests prior to the start of the class. Once all steps have been completed and the new registrant has paid for the course, he or she has completed the enrollment process and is ready to attend the certification course.
To complete all certification requirements and pass a course means the agent has successfully completed a certification course for a client program, e.g. attending class, completing self-paced work, passing all quizzes/exams, and, if applicable, completed the certification Statement of Work (SOW). Once the business has been offered a production SOW, all certification requirements are considered complete.
It may take 4 to 6 weeks to receive the referral depending on how quickly the new registrant moves through the registration process, the start date and duration of the certification course. Referrals are only reviewed once per month. Revenue deposits will appear in latter half of the monthly revenue deposit. Processing time will vary based on the time of the year.
Inform us as we will open a ticket. Any referral incentive not received by July 31, 2021 will be forfeited. No tickets will be accepted after this date. Please allow the proper processing time before a ticket is opened. (See the previous question).
Yes. This version of the referral program replaces all previous versions.
No. If the new registrant drops, fails, or is cancelled (voluntarily or involuntarily) from the first course selected, you will not have met the eligibility requirements.